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Update Jan 9, 2014

Thursday, January 9th, 2014


UPDATE ¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† Jan 12, 2014¬†¬†¬† >>>>>¬†¬† see¬†¬† DFEH¬†¬† section below¬† ….. letter to¬† “US Senator link”¬† &¬† support



Good day, Happy New Year with first post.   We will reply to all your comments and concerns soon, we are preparing news letter per your request.  The author has heavy assignments now, we will come back soon with more information.   Thank you for your patience.

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with love


My dear, my favorite Bloggers,


I love you and love your appreciation.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  Enjoy the  information and I will add more.  I wish I have lots of time to stay at my blog to enjoy your beautiful words and enthusiasm and add daily information.  I will make the time soon and post similar issues, and also some education , which is my power.

Now I am responding to important issue about real estate concern raised by some of you.  By my experience as a civil/structural engineer experienced engineering government work and corruption, I opposed it and saved the entire southern california from disaster, I faced retaliation and harm, but at least I sleep well that I did no harm the community with scam engineering project that they wanted me to sign for.  The government agency and union and courts  injustice/conspiracy/ignorance  wanted to keep the public in the dark too.   I declined bribing from the court where the judge wanted to force me to close the case.  They retaliate and send me gangs and tried to harm me many times before the public knows anything, but God is more powerful and I am still here with you due to miracle only.

Unqualified superiors engineers work in government agencies¬† just collecting high salary and credited my work to them, it is plagiarism illegal act but DFEH and EEO and the Union supported the crap and ignorance and mafia.¬†¬† Judges and tax agencies with bank attorneys stole my bank accounts by mafia activities, while Board of engineers is just corrupted gov. agency that destroyed the country and engineering and the ethical engineering.¬† I have stories for this.¬† It is all false engineering practice.¬† The Board accepts bribe, cash under the table from engineers, to sell the engineering license, it is non-profit organization has no money….. when it is sued by engineers and their attorneys, they join efforts all of them to collect the legal fees from the public and statewide engineers to pay the settlement for each case, it is¬† millions of dollars with no service to the country, it is some individuals become millionaires by scamming the public !!!!

Women engineers are like stupid in the¬† middle of the show along with the regular public, we all pay for lawsuits of others under fake titles such as¬† “exam fees” “improvement”¬† or “education” ……..¬† Are we stupid here? ¬† I had a meeting with the Board of engineers years ago to discuss issues with them.¬† The meeting is posted on the net but empty, just date.¬† No solving problems,¬† but they cooperated with the union to scam me at work, stole my business computer, sent me threat e-mail to shut up and tax scam, and sent me gangs at my residence as you see in the case I filed with¬† DFEH. ¬† No compensation yet,¬† DFEH does not answer me… is just scam, misusing their power in every action they do.¬† How can any community live or depend on such multiple-scams ?


Given the facts above, the proof is broken bridges, real estate market problem, system problem.   It is all related to engineering and construction.   The country is just engineering not for attorneys and judges to scam people and steal our money for no service and wanted to harm me even at my residence with a judge family and undercover police.  FYI,  good attorneys are homeless in our town.  I can assure you that the real estate market will never improve!!   I deeply apologize, I wish I have good answer or hope,  I always say the truth.

I reserve my right for protection against any harm or retaliation by courts and legal system and gov. because I say the truth, they harmed me and they owe me.  I cannot live well but God is always with me.  My income and compensations ceased for years, along with the scam losses as the gangs of DFEH case , all shall not go with the wind, they will pay it.

Thank you for your time and support, God bless you.  I have to go study and prepare for a research paper.  Good luck and I love you all.


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