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Warning of new harassment to the Author

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

March 14, 2015

.   From the FUNDERS:


Dear bloggers,                                    with love

We thank you for your time and continuous support and encouragement to the author.  We received more than  115,000 blogs by today.  Thank you so so soooo much for your time.  We could not moderate all blogs but we read all of them and we appreciate your positive feedback, may God bless you all.  We thank those bloggers who want to volunteer to write in the same topic to support the author, we will think about this in the future.

We also thank those bloggers who always ask to donate for the time and service of this blog; the author wants to postpone this to later time because she will not pay any to the tax agency mafia there, so she prefers that you save your money instead the mafia tax and judges take it again with forged court ruling without her knowledge as they stole her income and bank account and business computer, and overtime, and other moneys with no justice. ¬†Even all royalty of this book ¬†for two years were stolen which is our money, but we will get it later. ¬†It is crap as long as legal personnel is sneaking behind the scene with “no proof” style. ¬† You can support her in different ways; her justice for example as a return for her global service. ¬†Group is more powerful than one person facing tyranny and gangs.


Strange callers: 

We received a message that the Author of this site is being harassed again by strange callers claiming to collect Taxes from her; and other frequent callers ¬†with phone numbers that are ‘not in service’ every time she redials the missed calls.

As it is usually the case that government individuals behind the scene, and attorneys, and judges are the ones who have the guts to violate the laws and constitution, and act illegally,  so we assume they are conducting a new scam again for taxes; we are writing to notify all public,  and asking for protection and safety of the author.   Many harm and attempt to kill her few times in the past but God saved her or woke her up.  It was scary; this crime should stop and the past should be compensated and we hope no threat again.


Hidden damage to the author exposed:

We found criminal hidden damages on the name of the ‘Author of this website’ ¬† by ¬†the defendants ¬†(the courts, judges, union, and attorneys) as retaliation against their Plaintiff (civil service state employee engineer first female union president elect–the Author) without her knowledge since 2008. ¬†She found the issue years later and notified the court, ¬†but obviously no one did anything about it because we caught it on the internet recently. ¬†The court and judges conspired with the union and violated the constitution against their plaintiff, and then misused their power to silence the litigant plaintiff government engineers, or bribe her in court, when she rejected to accept bribe, she faced life threat and ceasing her income three times, and then attempt to harm her before the public knows anything, later they put her name as “vexatious litigant”!! ¬†Stupid people mafia, criminals. ¬†This is crap and ¬†shall not go through silently in this case. ¬†Enough is enough of this crime. ¬†The issue is “vexatious litigant list”. ¬† ¬†This should be cleared up immediately. ¬†Otherwise, fine will be considered along with the requested compensations.

For information to the readers, the wrongful termination case was handled by the Author as ‘Plaintiff In Pro Per’ from October 2006- February 2008 when the ¬†Plaintiff (the Author of this website) recused the judge for discrimination reason, mishandling the case, conspiring with defendants’ attorneys (Caltrans and the Union), harassing Plaintiff’s visitors in the court, and sending harassing mail directly ¬†from the judge to the Plaintiff at home on Christmas 2007 insulting the plaintiff for no reason. That was illegal, outrageous, breach of the constitution by the judge. ¬†The court ¬†was not allowed to hold any proceeding from February 2008 until the trial date June 2008 that was cancelled ¬†by the Plaintiff until the court assign a new judge or the court is reformed. ¬† The court did not provide a new judge upon request of the Plaintiff in timely manner. ¬†All defendants did not appear collectively in the summons hearing, playing games with In Pro Per litigant, although receiving the summons documents. ¬†As such the Plaintiff won fully. ¬†It is all scam and mafia and lies inside closed court rooms denying right of In Pro Per litigant, with spy arranged inside the supreme court in middle of the night to forge and alter all documents before sent to judges for review. ¬†It is all pre-arranged scams. ¬†Then the appeal gets declined for invalidity while appellants get¬†no¬†chance to inquire or talk with those judges. ¬†This scam court has to be closed.


The issue:

It is criminal act by Los Angeles superior court judge, attorneys, and the Union to list name of the author as “vexatious litigants in June 2008” right after the Plaintiff recused the judge and— added the judge (for discrimination charges)and defendants attorneys (for HIPPA violation acts) —added them as defendants on the same case because they conspired with the defendants against Plaintiff, ¬†so obviously they joined defendants and derailed from their role of offering justice or solving problems for female engineers. It became scam court not justice court. Therefore, girls are not supposed to enter engineering and waste their lives and money then later they face this corruption and injustice.

Vexatious does not apply for this Author situation because it is only ONE case (one wrongful termination in 2006-2008) ¬†within one employer (the state). ¬†All parties within the case conspired against Plaintiff since the first sexual harassment case of 1994 when the judge closed it and then appeal court reopened it, then the judge closed it again and got fired/retired after Plaintiff complained. So retaliation started among all judges/attorneys/Union for years in harassing Plaintiff. ¬†This is stupid system and ¬†does not constitute vexatious. ¬†Legal personnel are worried for themselves….but she had to document all of them and protect herself from those harassers…court, judges, attorneys, Union. ¬†It is obvious retaliation stealing her income and legal fees for no service and they call this “A legal system of America and right of women.” ¬†What a mess there. This standing is only against the legal system and any corruption and spy and gangs, NOT against America and the victims among the American public.

We are asking for protection to the Author and her compensation. If any problem or taxation or harm occurred, the above are liable as reported for prior years as well.



.=====================================From the FUNDERS  around the world





March 11, 2015


. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†URGENT ¬† NOTICE — ¬†PROTECTION REQUESTED


From the FUNDERS :

This note is urgent to be published regarding behind the scene mafia people using the taxation scheme as a tool, to scam the public and students, whenever they want to steal money or get their way out, misusing their authority. ¬† They contacted the author via the number ¬†(800)720-6634 ¬†asking the author “Do you want to settle your tax?” ¬†What is this stupid people there scamming American doctoral students with no income and owe no tax for seven years ???

When the author asked the caller, “who are you and how you got my number?” ¬†The caller helplessly and brainlessly answered “We do not know, we just got your number to collect tax” !!!! ¬† What a dumb system, government, and mafia gangs there. ¬†It seems there are attorneys and judges behind this crap again using taxation as a tool to scam the public and women and students? ¬† Will America keep this stupid mafia and dirty scam games behind the scene forever ???? ¬† This stupid court mafia better stop this scam there and pay what they owe to the author first since 1994 corruption of judges. ¬†What a great country that steal woman engineer high income, and court mafia work by itself with criminals behind the scene forging documents as they wish. ¬† Close your criminal tax system– Stop calling the author– She is studying, you dumb.


Honorary doctor of learning certificate 2014



In around 2004, an¬†ex-attorney charged the author $7,000.00 to file a case to protect the author’s job from criminal set up suspension by the union of engineers PECG ¬†mafia, but the attorney was bribed and fell under intimidation of the union attorneys and never filed the case nor protected his client. ¬† Legal malpractice is a system in American courts. ¬† It is all corruption by judges scam shared the money with no protection by the Bar Association, without the author approval and all of them breached the legal contract signed for a specific purpose of this money. ¬† As such all court papers and legal documents are fraud and altered …. ¬†They think themselves God owning and deciding for money of citizens. ¬†What a mafia legal system and courts!!!!

Bribing and harassing women  in America is a hidden system not published to the world, women have no protection of any kind, women in authority or high position harass women as well with no protection.  It is all stupidity and corruption even at the residence of large complex owned by judge family scam renters after collecting the rent and eat and live with it then enter tenants apartment in their absence and steal their belongings and money as it is in DFEH case and this hidden camera and damage the author car by spraying chemical over the entire car because she called the police to report the crime, you can see egg shell over the top of the car as well.

collection of photos under camera spy at my door for years part _1_

see egg shell thrown on my car - it was full raw egg



The court forged a case of sexual harassment for the author and closed the case with Caltrans in 1997; ¬†then the court forged a second legal case as retaliation by the union/judges causing ¬†threat of life by e-mail in writing to the author who was the first female engineer president in 36-year history of the union and closed the case in 2004 ¬†that was forged by superior court judge and carried by the Appeal Court, ¬†and then the author ¬†14 documents appeal to the Supreme Court were all altered inside the Supreme court over night. ¬† Then the scam ended by ¬†nonsense ¬†suspension when the attorney dishonestly charged ¬†$7000 and disappeared never answer her call…..what a mafia system of attorney and judges mafia there !!!

In the wrongful termination, the author represented herself to research and address the court scam by herself ¬†because attorneys were helpless and dishonest to ¬†carry their role adequately. ¬†But the judge in 2006-2008 covered up on prior scam by judges and attorneys, caused panic attack and harassment to the author sending her harassing mail on Christmas directly to her home …. while it is illegal but judges do it anyway, ¬†it is mafia devil system and should be closed soon. ¬† The author as the plaintiff was poisoned in the hospital during the court hearing that she missed due to panic attack of attorneys of union/caltrans sending gangs to her residence every night of a court hearing, but only God worked miracle and woke her up. ¬†Long stories published in other websites in details….. but as an ADVICE, WE URGE ALL ¬†READERS ¬†TO ¬†NEVER TRUST LEGAL CASES AND WRITTEN DOCUMENTS ¬†IN COURTS there in America……….. THEY ARE ALL FORGED especially on the name of this Author.

Now it seems ¬†there are further mafia set up again…. ¬†Stop this crap system or ¬†close it is better. ¬†Pay what you owe to the author and to others around the world who supported the author for years…. stupid criminal system….


…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ¬† The FUNDERS ¬†around the world ¬†…………