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Happy Easter 2016

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Dear valuable Bloggers and Friends,

.                                         We wish all of you a very Happy Easter 2016 full of Joy and Blessing

with love

Lifetime of Greatness Award,

Lifetime of Greatness Award, to Eng. Monique Sidaross


Thank you so much for your support and dedication to the Author. She is working on the dissertation proposal and is under review.

It has come to our attention that some people or government are offended from the complaint we post, but this is the only way to protect her safety of life after the harm and injustice she faced in absence of the media for years since 1995 at work and on the road and at home by mafia spy and gangs. The judge got fired for closing and opening her case several times during three years, it was joking court. Then she faced retaliation in following years when she retuned to work after graduating from her master degree at USC.  She paid legal fees for more than three years while the judge insulted her female attorney on record, ceased justice of female engineer, and disobeyed the higher court order that she has to be compensated.

The jude supported corruption in the State Work place and was fired but she got no compensation.  She had tried to communicate professionally with the Union as she was Elected First Female Engineer for the union in 2002-2004,  with no avail. They treated her unfairly and illegally and caused defamation to her Honorable name worldwide with no compensation and tried to kill her too before the public knows.  But God was there each time and she woke up.  They forged tax documents and caused garnishing record without her knowledge.  Taxes in America is illegal and anti-Bible.  They stole her bank account and other strangers who are women as well called her to complain about ceasing their bank accounts as well.  This is ridiculous.  All these money has to be returned to her.  Once justice offered we will announce it too.


Many people were harmed through the years and shut up, they are coming only recently to talk on the media about the corruption of the past. This is contrary to the American constitution. This website is for justice reason and safety of life until the Author receives her right in each case forged in the court by same employer the state workplace.


Traffic Ticket Success:

The unfair traffic ticket that Eng. Sidaross received last year with fine $235 for scam on the road, as mentioned in the press release below, the court found Eng. Sidaross NOT guilty and refunded the fine back in February 2016.  We join Eng. Sidaross to thank the court for the just ruling.


Thank you for your time everybody and we wish you a great Easter and Spring seasons. 



.                                                                           From the Funders with best wishes