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Friday, September 28th, 2018


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We are happy to announce the graduation of the Author, Eng. Monique Sidaross, on February 2018 and earning her doctoral degree, now named:   Dr. Monique Sidaross, PhD. 

Her degree and research topic was in Civil Engineering Construction Management addressing Ethical Decision-Making in engineering and forensic industries.

There will be a new academic website starts soon to post the dissertation and academic articles. Please pass this to your friends and social media.   Also, please announce and circulate the campaign donation posted below.



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We apologize for the delay of the announcement due to some circumstances.


Doctoral PhD Certificate 2018 Walden








Donate for Medical Campaign for Women

Thursday, September 27th, 2018


BREATH OF LIFE FUND FOR WOMEN created by Hon. Ellen Gilmer of New York,

Her message is:

“As a woman living in New York, I have friends who are women with serious, and even life-threatening lung health problems. Through these friends, I have learned just how difficult it can be for women to obtain funding to cover the high costs of essential medical treatment, even when their survival is threatened by these lung diseases or disorders. Even if they have health insurance, many women across the U.S. need help in paying the high costs of treatment that is mandatory to improve, and even save, their lives.

Please join us today to raise vital funding for women with serious lung problems. As we all know, healthy lungs are essential for staying alive and leading a normal life. Women with serious and even life-threatening lung conditions often have difficulty covering rising medical costs, even if they have health insurance. Many women cannot obtain loans to cover costs of health treatment today, especially if they are single moms, self-employed or retired.

Our goal is to help women with critical lung health issues to pay for extremely costly medical treatments, which they need immediately. Seriously damaged or weakened lungs cannot wait for months, weeks or even days, in many cases, for the life-saving medical help they need, just to continue functioning. And women with debilitating lung conditions cannot wait any longer for the crucial medical care they must have, just to survive.

Won’t you please join us today to help save the lives of women threatened by serious lung diseases and disorders. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated as a truly vitalizing Breath of Life for these women. – Our sincere thanks to all who can join us now with a lung-and-life-saving contribution” (Gilmer, E., 2018).